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Pre-Design and Architectural

Planning Services

We work with clients from Detroit Lakes & Moorhead, MN, Horace, Fargo & other areas in ND

ADA Studies & ADA Compliance Review

   Ensures project is accessible to all users

Site Study

   Taking note of site inventory to make your project more enjoyable for its        users and economical

Site inventory includes but not limited to:

   climatic components

   neighborhood context

   physical features

   legal boundaries

   site access

Zoning and Ordinance review

   Complying with all local zoning laws and regulations

Determination of Local and State Regulations (Codes)

   Ensuring project complies with all applicable building codes

Preliminary Planning

    Taking inventory of all client's needs and wants to prepare preliminary           design plan

Space Planning

    Ensuring location of spaces meet the needs and criteria of client's                  project goals

Urban Design Development

   Layout of future land use or renovation of existing regions

Existing Construction Assessments and Reports

   Investigation of existing buildings for project feasibility

Building Measurement

   Creation of 'as-built' drawings for rental spaces or personal use

Prairie Design Studio's first objective is to know the client's vision and goals. We want to start off on the right foot by knowing exactly how they see the project's outcome. Whether the project is in Fargo, ND or a neighboring state, we will make sure that is it compliant with its jurisdiction while meeting the building program. 


Contact prairie design

For generic inquiries email or call us now at 701.282.2850

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